Meanwhile in 7th grade…

Hello my beauties, It’s been two years since I’ve been here, and I have to say, 5th  grade was great! Not nearly as cool as wimpy middle school. I still can’t believe I remember how this blog works! I guess Mr. Haney taught me well. 😉 But anyways, if any fifth graders are reading this, enjoy it while it lasts XD. Your amazing wonderful techno geek student, Eli Nelson.

Hey Everybody!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. I’ve been so busy having fun on Summer vacation! Here, I’ll tell you some of the things I’ve done so far.

1; On Independence Day, I had a picnic with some of our family’s  friends. I caught a bunch of fish!

2 :I totally redid my bedroom. It looks super cool!

3: I went bowling with my family. I didn’t do so good though! (:

4: I set up my super cool pool. We swim in it almost every day!

5: Last, but not least, I had a ball at my friend Bryce’s house!

Thanks for coming on my blog. I’ll try to keep you updated!

Top Ten Moments.

Hey Everybody! Today is the last day of school, and I’d like to share my top ten moments of 5th grade.

1: My trip to Wonder Works. It was a blast!

2: I’m going to miss my friends, like Allan, Mohammad, Ansh, Gabriel, Diamond, and Branson.

3: My experience working in the news station!

4: I’m going to miss having fun with my awesome teacher, Allan.  (Just kidding, my teacher is Mr.Haney.)

5: Using all sorts of technology.

6: I’m going to miss my amazing math teacher, Mrs.Wines.

7: Helping my teachers with tasks.

8: I love Playing soccer.

9: My special areas teachers are awesome!

10: I’m going to miss everything!

Week 35.

Hey everybody. This is what I did on week 35. First, we took a field trip to the science museum. Then, some of the fifth graders took a tour to West Valley Middle School, and the other half went to see Bearden Middle School, which is where I’m going :-). Next, some musicians from Bearden came to Rocky Hill to show us what band is like. Last, we made Mothers Day cards. That’s what I did on week 35.

Week 34.

Hello everybody from around the world. This is what we did on week 34. First, we started our health week. Then, we started working on our country reports. My country is France. Next, a person from Zumba showed us an awesome dance.  I got to help film the action. On that same day, we had a very exciting mystery skype with……ILLINOIS! Then the next day, we visited Karns High School to have a track meet. The next day, we had a really fun time with yet another mystery Skype. We all found out that we were Skyping with Texas! And on the very last day of the week, we picked radishes, had a walk for diabetes, and played on the I-Pads with our Tech Buddies. Well, that’s what I did on week 34!

Video that I helped make!

Hey everybody from around the world. Here is a video that I helped make about the track meet!

Week 33!

Hi everybody. We didn’t do much things this week, since we had T-Cap tests. Well, on Monday, we did a whole lot of T-Cap review, since the real test was after that day. The order of the test were Reading, Math, Science, then History. After every test, we would have fun on the I-Pads.Well, that’s what I did this week.

Week 30!

Hey everybody. This is what I did on week 30! Well, to kick off our week, the premier of the Hunger Games movie came out. Although I am not a Hunger Games fanatic, I am going to try to read the book before I watch the movie. Ok, let’s not get off topic. Anyway, we started T-Cap club, which is a club that helps us on our skills in test-taking skills. The next day. I found out that we  will have a four day week-end! By the way, the reason we have a four day week-end is because Easter has finally arrived! To take a close on our week, they posted the track try-out nominees, but I didn’t make it. Thanks for reading!

Week 19

Hello everybody. This is what I did on week 29. First, we got pictures from our buddies in France. Then, we got our report cards, which I got straight a’s on. Next, we planted seeds in our garden. I hope they grow in to delicious foods! Then, other 5th grade teachers came into our classroom to observe how we work. Then, we created our own video games, on Quia! Last but not least, we ate our thursday fun lunch outside. Well, that’s it for this spectacular week.

Spring Break

   Hi everybody. This week, I have been on Spring  Break, and I though I’d share my experience with you. Well, to kick off my Spring  Break, I went to this awesome waterpark called The Wilderness. Then, I visited my awesome Aunt, Corye, in Nashville. She is an awesome aunt. Spring  Break has been fun, but it will be good to come back to school, although, it will be hard to leave my aunt. (:

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